Everything you need to know to start your VA biz. | Prep & Setup

Updated: Jun 3

"I can't start a business... I don't know where to start".

You officially can't use this excuse anymore!

This 4 post blog post is absolutely packed with all the information you could possibly need to get your business started!

I know that there is so much information out there, on how to get started as a VA, it can be SO overwhelming.

Courses are pricey, googling it yourself is confusing.... Well, I've got you covered, babe.

I've been around the block as a VA. Struggled, succeeded, failed, got back up, became full time, opened my own agency, and now I'm a VA coach.

I want to give you all the information you need to get your VA business off the ground and start making that money!


Everyone wants you make the first move.

I don't mean in dating, I mean in your soon-to-be wildly successful business!

First things first...

Decide how many hours per week you want to be a VA. Do you want to replace your full time job, and run your virtual assistant biz full time? Or did you just want some supplemental income?

Either way is a great place to start, but having an idea of where you want to be is a good idea, so you know how many client hours you'd like to take.

Now it's time to identify your skills, and decide what type of VA you'd like to be.

Think about things like:

  • What you like doing

  • What you're good at

  • What you have experience in

  • What excites you

  • Your favorite industries

  • Your interests

  • Your creativity level

  • The type of people you like

There are so many niches, you have endless options!

If you truly have no idea what type of VA you want to be, that's okay!

Start as a general VA. People will assign all of the small tasks they need help with, and if you do that for a while, you'll learn what you like and what you're good at.

I personally recommend that everyone starts as a general admin VA unless you're really, really clear on what it is you want to do!

Let's get your name out there.

Step 1: Set up your socials, Step 2: Become famous.

Okay, maybe it won't be quite that easy... but you should still set them up anyway. Reserve your name on Instagram, Twitter & whatever social media you're planning to use. and remember, you don't need to be on all of them. My personal recommendation is to pick one or two and learn how to use them really well.

A few tips for choosing your business name.

  • Keep it simple (and preferably short)

  • Don't use anything that doesn't give you room to grow

  • You can't go wrong by using your name

Find Your Tribe.

A major bonus to this job, is that you get to choose who you work with.

It's pretty rare that you get a job where you get to choose who you interact with on a daily basis... So take advantage!
Don't settle for jobs or clients that you don't align with. Find your ideal client and stick with it!

Get really clear on your ideal client is really important, otherwise, how will you know who to market to?

Figure out what they do, what industry, etc.

Where do they hang out? What groups are they in? What hashtags are they using?

Hang out where your ideal client hangs out, and you're guaranteed to connect and book at least a few!

Work hard, Play hard.

Being a VA is pretty awesome... but it's not all fun and games.

Okay, so here comes one of the more daunting parts… You’ll need to write a business plan. I know that you’ll be told it’s not necessary. But look at it this way… a business plan is a contract with yourself, to keep on track, meet your goals and remember your why.

  • Here are a few things that you’ll want to include in your business plan:

  • Explain your service

  • Your legal structure

  • How you’ll structure your pricing

  • What makes you different from your competitors

  • Your Ideal Audience

  • Your big goals

Your business plan might help you figure out how your business should be structured when you go to register it.

I know we're skipping ahead, just a tad, but while we're on the subject of the not so fun stuff... I want to mention, you should probably also start a bank account.

When you’re just starting your journey, the funding may be tough. You can go ahead and purchase your Legal structure with your personal money, but you’ll want to start a business bank account as soon as you can.

Not only can you get rewards, start building business credit, and have those separate funds, so you don’t have to keep track of what’s business and what’s not.

It’s also important because if something happened with your business, having your business funds clearly defined, and not intermingled with your personal money… will help protect you!

Action Steps:

Here are a few steps you can do to work on your biz until the next section.

1. Create a business plan! - you can use my template.

2. Research small business banks. Pro-tip. Make sure they're FDIC insured. Bonus points if it offers rewards.

3. Jot down information on who your ideal client is, where you can find them, and how you can connect with them.

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