The dos and dont's of applying to jobs.

Updated: Jul 5

Have you ever been job hunting? Not fun.

Now try it as a freelancer... It's tough out there!

The Virtual Assistant job market is competitive. Luckily, there are a lot of VA jobs open! You just have to know where to get them. So let me help you make that money!

There are some things you can, and should, do.

& gain quality clients quickly.

DO search for jobs in your industry. - Seems like a no-brainer, but go looking for clients, where they already are.

DO read the job description from start to finish-For 2 reasons!
1. Because how will you know you want the job if you don't know every detail that's available up front? If you don't read the entire description, you may miss a detail that could make or break your interest in it.
2. From Facebook to indeed, I've seen many times people posting a sentence like "use the word purple in the subject line, so I know you read all the way through"

DO follow up. - Always send a quick follow-up email on jobs you've applied for. Give it about 3 days, then follow up with the poster. Make sure they got your resume, and ask if they have any questions.

DO be yourself! - I know, this one sounds like a cliché... but it's so true. You never know what traits someone else is going to connect with. If you hide any part of yourself, you're missing out on someone connecting with you over it.

There are many things in life that you should do.

There may be even more things that you shouldn't do.

DO NOT send a message containing only question marks-When someone has applied for a job, and I've taken longer to respond than they would like, they'll hit me with a "??" Maybe I'm overreacting, but nothing in the world will make me shut you down faster. You will instantly not get that job. (I've been that way since I was a teenager, if I received that as a text, that person would not get a text back)

DO NOT work for free- I don't care if you've never worked a day in your life. Your time is still valuable. Work for a lower rate if that makes you feel more comfortable, but raise your price with every new client you get.

DO NOT Exaggerate your experience-People are willing to train the right people. They're going to need to show you how they use all systems anyway. Say something like "No experience, but I'm a quick learner."

DO NOT give up if you keep getting no's- All you need is one person to say yes. Continue applying to everything that seems like a good fit, gain experience each time, and keep up that confidence!
You're great at this and you know it!

Now spread your wings!

Get out there and start applying!

Follow this guide, and you'll be gaining clients in no time!

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