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Is Instagram SEO actually a thing?

Whether you're working on optimizing your Instagram or not, I know you've heard the term 'Instagram SEO'.

The truth is, It does matter.

Optimizing your Instagram will help you to rank to higher in Instagram searches. When this is done effectively, it helps you get more views, engagement & followers. Which is basically the whole point of getting on Instagram... Right?

Keywords & Hashtags

One thing to keep in mind is that it works differently than with website SEO, while keywords are still important to incorporate in your captions, it's more important to get your hashtags right. But only in your captions, adding them to your bio or alt text won't help your optimization.

Hashtags can be tricky, and even take some trial and error to figure out the right number to use. You can use 30, but that's not always necessary. You shouldn't be adding irrelevant hashtags just to get up to 30.

Alt Text

If you don't use alt text, Instagram will make something up. So by filling out your alt text, you get the chance to make sure it's relevant and useful. Make it accurate and descriptive

Optimize your bio

This is where you want to use keywords. Make it clear what you do, and what you offer. Use keywords that you want to rank for.

It's also a great tip to use keywords in your name. For example, Instead of Lauren Scheetz. Use Lauren Scheetz| Woman's Business Coach


Instagram uses your engagement percentages to see where you rank, so it's pretty important to make sure you're encouraging engagement on your post and participating in it as well.

Keep an eye on your insights for the best times and days to post.

Collab with other users

Getting tagged in other people's posts, will help your ranking. So collab on a blog post, a regular post, a live... whatever it is! That way they'll tag you in the posts they made, and that will always help your ranking!

Optimizing your profiles is important, and it's relatively easy to do and so worth it! Get your Instagram optimization in place, and you'll be ready to take over IG.

If you need a little extra help, you know where to find it!

Let's jump on a call and get your SEO strategy started! - Book Here


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