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DIY SEO: Getting Backlinks

When we think of improving SEO on our websites, a few things always come to mind, and if you do a quick search for DIY SEO marketing, I can almost guarantee you that one of the top things you’ll find, is a recommendation that you’ll need to build your backlink profile.

Backlinks are a huge factor when we’re talking about your website SEO, and one of the most important things to google when it’s figuring out how you should be ranked in their search results.

Backlinks show google that your website is legit, and reputable. If other legit and reputable sites are linking back to yours, then it proves that yours is too!

Okay, now you know how important they are for your SEO marketing, but now you might be wondering… what even are backlinks?

And that’s a great question, that really most people are wondering.

Don’t worry, It’s not as complex as you might think, I promise! In the simplest form, backlinks are simply links on other websites that link back to your website.

That’s it!

It’s not the scary SEO move that a lot of specialists might have you believing. It’s extremely easy to get them yourself, it just takes a little time. But it’s totally worth it.

Makes sense, right?

Now, the important part, and the part that you’re really here for… How exactly are you even supposed to get these backlinks?

I’m here to show you. Here are a few of my favorite ways that I always recommend to my DIY clients on how to get backlinks for their website.

  • Blog Collabs

  • Podcast Guests

  • Guest Blog posts

  • Link back to your own blog posts

  • Simply ask people you might collab with, to link back your site

  • Make sure past backlinks are working correctly.

Those are the most simple ways to get started on building your backlink profile that you’re more than capable of doing yourself!

If you’re interested in hiring someone to get you a head start… Let’s chat! Book a call here and we can make a plan for you!