Everything you need to know to start your VA biz. | Pricing & Finding Clients

Updated: Jun 3

I won't bore you with too much of an introduction.

If I've learned anything from internet memes, it's that people hate long intros.

You're not going to find Oprah hanging out in a Taco Bell.

So don't look for her there.

Okay, sure... I don't know what Oprah's fast food preferences are, but the point is, that looking for clients, where your ideal client hangs out... Is crucial to growing your business.

And any time spent in places where they aren't hanging out, is time wasted.

In order to know where your ideal client is, you might need to do some research. This will of course depend on your niche or chosen industry.

Here are a few places you can customize to find just about any type of person!

  • Facebook groups

  • Local networking events

  • Mastermind groups

  • Instagram (search your hashtags)

Tell Everyone About Your Business.

You never know what connections you'll make.

Make a Facebook post on your personal profile, add it to your Instagram story, tell all your friends, shout it to the people on the street walking by your building! Honestly, talk about it to anyone who will listen... They might not have any need for a virtual assistant, but if they run into anyone who does... You'll be the first person to cross their mind.

And a referral is the most effective way to land a client.

After all, nobody can hire you if they don't know your services exist. So get the word out to the world that you are an excellent VA and you are open for business.

The Client is booked!

Now... What do I charge them?

This is the tough part, and for anyone who's starting out on their first business, figuring out how much to charge someone can be difficult. You may not even be sure what the going rate is for the type of work you're doing.

The bad news is, there are too many variables to consider for me to give you a good starting rate.

The good news is, I'll give you some tips on how you can decide on your pricing, based on the services you're offering.

  • Search the job opp posts in Facebook groups. Look at the price they're offering, along with the comments. If the comments are saying it's too low... then definitely go higher.

  • Check out Indeed, or other job posting sites. See how much people in your area are making for your type of job.

  • Join a local networking group. The cost of a VA definitely depends on where you live, so having others in your area to ask, is a really good start!

Remember, that just because you're a brand-new VA, doesn't mean you lack experience. Use all of your previous job experience to book a client as a VA.

You'll also want to consider if you want to bill hourly or monthly. I always advise monthly pricing, but to be honest, I started hourly myself and it's a perfectly find place to start!

If you're not ready to commit to a client or scope of work for several months, then stick to hourly pricing billed weekly. Some clients will even prefer this! But don't let the clients tell you when they're going to pay. This is your business.

People will buy from people they like.

Make sure they know well enough to like you.

Building relationships is arguably the most important part of business. Whether you're selling a product, or a service.

Network your butt off. On social media, in person, online networking events. Wherever you can!

You'll build connections, and they will be SO valuable. These people will refer you to their friends, share your posts and give you advice.

To build meaningful relationships, you need to say meaningful things.

Don't start a message with "Hi, how are you?" People get 100 of those a day. Say something that's directly related to the person you're reaching out to. Your first message should always be meaningful.

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