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Updated: Jun 3

Branding is not just your logo and color scheme.

It's also your clients feeling heard, and helped.

Creating your logo and the color scheme are definitely the fun part about branding, but it's definitely not all that matters.

Your clients, or potential clients, are looking for an experience... even if they don't know it yet!

Here are a few tips to get your branding on track:

  • Keep it real... if you don't believe in your brand... nobody will.

  • Build trust. Deliver on every project you take on.

  • Take some time to consider what your core values are.

  • Don't overcomplicate what you're offering.

  • Give your audience what they're looking for.

Ditch the small talk.

You're not fooling anyone with a "Hey! How are you?" message.

Everyone knows where you're going with it, and nobody wants to engage when they know your only motive is to get money from them.

Strong brand messaging is absolutely essential to building a brand!

Use your story, network with them, but please for the love of God, do not cold pitch. I promise.... it won't help. No matter what, any business coach tells you.

A happy client will tell you the best story about yourself.

Use these to get a killer testimonial.

When I'm extremely happy with someone's work, I will write them the most amazing testimonial ever! Because they deserve it.

Has a client or professional contact said something nice about you? Emailed them asking if you can use that as a testimonial, once you've got your blessing, pop it in a Canva graphic and post that sucker.

If you decide to offer free services in exchange for a project, set boundaries.

Do 2 hours of work in exchange for a testimonial... not a whole week or month.

You only get one change at a first impression.

People will make a split second decision on if they should follow you.

I'm not going to tell you that if you decide to curse, use lots of caps, or any other quirky lettering, that you won't get any clients.

However, you're attracting a very specific type of client. If that's what you're looking for... go for it!

There are absolutely people who appreciate that, and that will attract them to you.

Just keep in mind who your ideal client it. Otherwise, keep it completely authentic!

Social media is an amazing invention for businesses these days! It's the perfect way to get your brand out there, network, and make a first impression. Keeping up with content on several platforms gets very overwhelming, so focus on 1 or 2 social media platforms and get yourself super familiar with them. Build a network on each.

Humans are visual creatures.

Make your branding easy to look at.

If I'm on a page that has bright neon colors that strain my eyes to look at... I'm not going to bother turning my screen brightness down, I'm just going to leave the page.

Since you want people to stay on your page as long as possible, keep the colors easy to look at.

Again, if you are a bright person who dresses in neon colors, you go girl! I admire you. And you will have a market for that! Other people like you will see that and love it. So if you're wanting to attract only those clients, use that florescent pink until your hearts content.

If you want to attract a broader audience, then keep the colors much simpler and easy to look at.

You can pay for an absolutely stunning branding package, but those don't come cheap. But fear not, you can make something just as awesome with your friend Canva.

Here are some tips:

  • Choose 1-3 neutral colors to work with, and 1-2 accent colors. If you like bright colors, this is your time to shine! Use an accent color as your bright color, you can choose a bold, or funky too. Whatever is most you. Canva has premade color palettes, feel free to choose one of those that you like.

  • Choose 2- 3 fonts. Use one for your headlines, and one for your body text. I also like to have a script font to use as an accent font.

  • If you make a logo, make sure it's very simple. I'm a believer in not needing a logo, but if you're going to use one. Keep it simple.

Although I know making this stuff is definitely the most fun part, adjusting your branding and websites can be a total time suck, so try not to spend too much time on it. You can make adjustments later, but the important part is to get it out there and start booking some clients!

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