4 Templates You Should Be Using in Your Business.

Making one template will save you hours of time.

and sanity.

As business owners, one thing we don't have plenty of... is time.

How much there is to do, can absolutely get overwhelming, and if you're anything like me... you're always looking for ways to save yourself some time.

Templates will make your life exponentially easier. Instead of typing out the same things, over and over... Your templates will do all the work.

Of course, there are systems that will keep them, and automatically and makes it as easy as it can be. But if you don't have the budget to start with a program of any kind, a Google doc will do!

Here are a few suggestions on what you can make templates for to save you some time, so you can spend these extra moments with your family, out to dinner, or sipping your wine a few minutes earlier each day.


This one is a pretty big time saver. If you have to send the same type of email, several times a week. Go ahead and make yourself a template. You can always alter words here and there if you need it, but if you've got something you copy, paste and send... You'll be saving yourself minutes for every single email.


I recommend creating ready-made captions, that you can use more than once. Sometimes writing a caption can take up to an hour... maybe even more if you're a true perfectionist! Here's the good, and bad news about that... nobody reads your caption enough to remember it. It's bad news because you spent so much time making it perfect, but it's good news because now you can use it again!

Check it over, change what needs to be changed to make sure it's relevant to the post, and post that bad boy again!

You will save yourself hours doing this!


If you're running a business that has specific project items and deadlines... use the same timeline. Don't customize it for every person any more than is absolutely necessary.

Make yourself a timeline template, keep your process the same, and save yourself that time!


This might seem obvious, but there are still lots of people out there using a document to invoice, or using PayPal invoicing, and creating a new one each time. If you're using a document, use Google sheets. It's free, and you can save all your calculations. Make one as the template, and from there on, just duplicate and rename them.

For any other system, I'm sure there are templates for invoices, but if there's not, create a Google sheet to calculate for you, and then just plug the numbers in.

Take these tips and go out and make your own templates. Even if it doesn't seem like much... 5 minutes a day is 1,825 minutes a year! It can all add up, so take it seriously.


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