3 Mistakes New VAs Make.

Updated: Sep 1

I made zero mistakes while building my new business.

Said no one. Ever.

When you're building a business, there is no shortage of learning opportunities. Unless you have built the same type of business 10 times or more... You're going to make mistakes, and that's okay!

Take the opportunity to learn from them, because learning from your mistakes makes the lesson very clear.

There are some mistakes, we all make as new VAs.

This list is your sign to start learning from them.

Working For Free.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Seeing people offering their services in exchange for a testimonial, bothers me. For a few reasons. Firstly, because the testimonial may not be a good one, it may not be honest, and you might never even get one. Charge for your services, ask if they are happy with your services, and then use THAT as your testimonial.

Not Putting Yourself Out There.

Okay, this one I was very guilty of. I was terrified to use my Facebook profile. Scared to put my face on Instagram out of fear that my friends and family would see it... I hid myself in my Facebook groups, and never came out. And I was missing out! After taking the leap and letting myself be known, I got new clients, clients that were more aligned with me, and ones that always paid their bills!

Not Having a Billing System in Place.

Don't just go into it hoping your potential client will have a plan on how they want to pay you. You set the rules, and make sure you make it clear to them before they sign a contract (or put it in the contract)

If paypal works best for you, send them a paypal invoice.

This is your business.

You will learn from many mistakes as you go. Use this list to get you on the right track, and you'll be in a good place!

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Id' love to work with you!


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