Sometimes a little one on one is all you need. 

A mentor is a great a tool, and you'll never regret getting a good one. 

You're doing awesome, your business is going great, and you're stoked about this new-found freedom that comes with being a business owner. (It really is the best, though...isn't it?) 

When it feels like something is missing, like if you just had a little bit of help, you'd be on your way to some serious growth and killing it in business. This is where a mentor comes in. A good one will teach you everything she knows, to have you off to your millionaire lifestyle in no time! 


1:1 Mentoring

What you'll get:

  • 12 weeks of constant support and guidance

  • Two 45 minute zoom calls every month! 

  • Unlimited messaging via Slack or Voxer (So you never have to worry about saving your questions for calls!) 

  • Access to template library 

  • Exclusive Job Opps 

  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins. 

  • Social Media strategies that work! 

  • & so many bonuses! 

Monthly Investment: $333