Virtual Assistant Audit

Let's see what's not working.


and sometimes, it's because of something you're doing. (or not doing)

But fear not! This is where I come in. When all you need is a fresh eye, a new perspective, and someone who's already made all the mistakes, I'll check out your pages, suggest edits and get you on your way to booking those clients!

Does it feel like you're doing everything right, but you're not boooking clients? 

Sometimes the only problem is that you're not putting the right wording, or information on your public pages.
When you book a VA audit, you'll get a 15 minute call to figure out what you're currently doing and  what your goals are.

You'll get 2 items of your choice checked over, you'll get them back with extensive notes, or a call to discuss what could be improved. 

These can include 

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • One Sheet

  • Social media profiles

  • Resume 

  • Script 

  • Or just about anything else! 

One Time Investment: $111

Sometimes in business, things aren't working

Maybe it's a simple fix!