Pick My Brain

Ask me anything to learn the easy way, in minutes.... what I spent months learning the hard way. 


You can spend months learning the ins and outs, or minutes! 

I mean... when you put it like that, it's a bit of a no-brainer... right? 

I learned what a Virtual Assistant was, became one, quit my toxic job, and started an agency... all within a year and a half. 

I've spent lots of time learning the hard way, and doing all the research. So you don't have to! 

You can spend just $100 and save yourself weeks of time. 
Or $100 to save yourself months! 

Grab your notes, pen and  water or coffee, (or cocktail I don't judge) and let's get on a call!

We'll jump right into it, so you don't waste a minute of learning! 

The Zoom call will be recorded and sent to you, so you won't miss a thing! (and no need to take notes!)


One Time Investment: $100 for a 30-minute call

You can do this the easy way... or the hard way.